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Why Tiffiny's Secret?

A beauty queen and FHM magazine cover girl, Tiffiny Yang started out practising as a medical beauty doctor in the little red dot of Singapore. She developed a keen interest in caring for skin and its continual beauty during her practice in medical aesthetics.


Living in a hot and sunny climate, she personally experienced wrinkles, pigmentation and pores until she discovered the best skincare ingredients to counter these problems - filtered from years of experience in her beauty practice and combined into great skincare products now available to you.

Better skin, greater confidence!


What is Tiffiny's Secret?

tiffiny yang sunblock 2.jpg

The first and most essential step to any skincare regime is a good sunblock to prevent most aging signs. Our sunblock is different from the rest - try it to know it.

It not only carries the full spectrum coverage of SPF 50 against UVA and UVB but also contains encapsulated colour beads that changes from white to natural beige when applied, to give the skin a natural tinted coverage to hide your blemishes, even out your skin tone and makes your skin fairer.


It protects and treats at the same time as it contains whitening ingredients for prevention of pigmentation, as well as soothing ingredients green tea extract and chamomile for anti-inflammatory effects.


Assuredly a non-greasy formulation, so light and comfortable that you won't even know it is on.


Perfect for post laser treatments to hide and reduce redness or inflammatory pigmentary changes!

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